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About Us

Denzhe Interior Design brings years of interior designs experience right to your home or office. Our design professionals are equipped to help you determine the products and design that work best for our customers within the colours and lighting of your surroundings more than your expectation. 


To work in accordance with the clients’ requirement  and exceed their expectations in terms of quality,  cost control and time management.


To consistently deliver eco-friendly world class finishes in our interior design concepts, execute & complete all  projects timeously.


Livhuwani Nematatani

Livhuwani Helenah Nematatani is the executive director of Denzhe Interior design. She holds a Diploma in Interior design from Inscape College. Through the through the industries captains I was taught and exposed to the art of space planning and project management. She learnt the art of entrepreneurship at an early age from her father (Mr Booi Muntswu) where she learnt how to plan for the day during school holidays. She has also worked for a financial services company from 2006-2010.